A Website Is As Essential As Your Tools.

Without a website, you’re missing out on leads and sales and

risking losing market share to your competitors.

The following reasons mean you can no longer afford to put off having your own website:

5 Reasons Why Every Tradesman Needs A Website





1. Your Customers Are Using The Web To Search For Services

More and more people are searching online for trades and services. According to a recent survey, 71% people are using the web to purchase or order goods or services. That’s a huge potential market, and yet only 30 percent of businesses have a web presence at all.

2. Your Website Is Your 24/7 Salesperson

A website can keep working for you 24/7, promoting your business and bringing you more customers – even when you’re on holidays!

3. Names Are Easier To Remember Than Numbers

Potential customers who see your vehicles or signage can’t remember a telephone number. But they remember your name /web address and will refer to it later or Google it.

4. Showcase Your Products or Services

People want to find out more about your services before they trust you and then buy from you. They can get all the info they need online without wasting your time on the phone.

 5. It’s Just Plain Professional

Your business will appear much more professional with a company domain name and email and rather than one from a free service or an internet service provider. This is the 00’s not the 80’s and customers expect you to have a website!

It helps you attract more clients

while you get on with what you do best …

your trade.

Your business will benefit from a quality website that provides information to potential and existing clients – Contact us to get your site up and running !

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